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Our goal is to purchase assets that produce positive short and long-term results to each investor portfolio.

We want you to be successful with your investments. If you are…then we will be as well!

To this end, Commercial Property is a viable alternative to Multi-Family Housing.

Most types of properties, such as strip malls, single tenant buildings, retail, wholesale, and high-end Beach Properties are some of the types of properties we may invest in. If it makes a certain profit now and will continue in the future, we may be interested in that property.

If you want to invest in Commercial Property, we would like to talk with you and see if it makes financial sense to put together an investment group with or for you. 

If you prefer to be the only investor, we can help you get to where you want to be and then simply manage your asset for you or step entirely out of the way.

Income producing property comes in dozens of types. Rest assured that WJI will only invest in the type of properties that our investors are comfortable with.

We are not gamblers or speculators…we are simply a company Forging Pathways to the Future.

Come and join us!


Certain properties have value added potential based on many factors. That property could be producing a huge profit now…but in a few years be sitting vacant or be needing major renovations. Usually that is not a good thing to have in your portfolio…unless there is a future upside.  Sometimes that is the silver lining we are looking for.

If we become involved in a property that needs renovated or a new tenant soon after taking ownership, we look at all angles to see what is the viability of renovation, new tenant, future area growth, local cost of repairs or remodel versus future value of the lease income and resale value.

We have done this in the past and have had clients who are very happy with the end results.

We want to prevent telling investors we must make a capital call for more repairs than anticipated.

We also have avoided some properties and watched from a distance as great business people and investors lost a lot of money by not paying close attention to the future viability of that property regarding profitability.  What the building earned in the past and is currently earning is a small part of the future moving forward.

Communities are constantly evolving, and we need to only be a part of those properties that  can evolve with it.

Asset Sale

As mentioned above, our goals are very simple. We prefer to always invest wisely, do the known repairs and renovations when needed, budget for the unknown repairs, stabilize the property and plan for the future sale of the asset.  While we may hold a property in our portfolio for decades, we always have a flexible time frame in place for each property and we review those timelines to make sure we are always ahead of the curve.


Throughout the process we keep our investors fully informed and locked in on timelines and each step along the journey.

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