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Our  Mission

Committed to excellence in real estate investments.

Wayne James Investments is in the business of finding the most profitable multi-family, commercial, and ag land real estate properties.  

We seek the most profitable properties.  After updating, expanding and stabilizing the real estate we turn the investment for maximum profits by selling at the top dollar in the market.

Our Team

Combined 45 + years in the real estate game. 
Over 100 properties purchased and sold at top dollar and tremendous profits.

Chanse Beinke

I have been in investment real estate since I purchased my first  “flip” home back in 2004. 

I have bought and sold over 100 single family homes, apartments complexes , and other commercial properties.

Current Properties under my Team's management include

multi-family  and commercial in Nebraska, Louisiana, and Arizona. Partnered properties are located in Florida, Texas, Ohio, and Georgia. 

I have 3 children, and am a proud grandfather! I reside in Moab, Utah taking advantage of the great outdoors as an avid mountain Biker and outdoor enthusiast.

Mike McCann

We all start somewhere. I bought a mobile home in the mid-1970’s to live in and relocated it twice.  In other words, when I moved after college…I took my home with me!

I cut my real estate teeth on a double wide home in 1985 when I helped my folks buy and move the home 40 miles to become a lake home.  My first "deal" was helping my folks downsize into a smaller home and my close friends upsize into a larger home by working out a swap between them.  After that I was hooked.

I have been involved in the Multi-Family, Commercial, and Farm/Agland markets in Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa,  Louisiana, and Florida since 1988.

I work with owners, investors, and tenants consulting with them to buy, sell, and/or secure long-term lease arrangements on Multi-family, Farmland, and Commercial properties including investors and REITS. 


I am a Managing Partner and co-owner of Wayne James Investments with Chanse Beinke. I also am the Owner and Broker of Mach1 Realty, a Nebraska company, based in Kearney, NE.

I am the former Managing Principal of Cresa Omaha.

I have been married to Robyn since a hot summer day in 1987.  

We have two adult children, Jake and Jaime.  Robyn and I currently reside in Kearney after long stops in Colorado Springs and Grand Island, NE, and a 2-year stint in Altamonte Springs, FL.

Chanse and I did our first deal together in 2004 and have been making deals ever since! Talk to us...maybe we can help you!

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